Thursday, October 22, 2015

the inner landscape of beauty

the inner landscape of beauty 

john o'donohue 

"When you cease to fear your solitude, a new creativity awakens in you. Your forgotten or neglected wealth begins to reveal itself. You come home to yourself and learn to rest within. Thoughts are our inner senses. Infused with silence and solitude, they bring out the mystery of inner landscape."
from  Anam Cara, p. 17

Friday, September 25, 2015

a creative life

yesterday i received a lovely email from someone i have never met 
living somewhere on the other side of the big world
kindly asking about my work and also about my absence from here

i did have a big smile in my heart upon reading this

anyone that knows me could attest to my love of a tune
and the words to the Byrds hit Turn Turn Turn come to mind now
[ which, for those who may not know, comes from a passage in the Bible 
Ecclesiastes 3:1-18 ...
the idea for this conversion from Bible to hit tune
 actually came from Doris Days's son Terry Melcher who was a music producer.
 now that is a trivial pursuit detail if ever there was one ! ]

lately it has been time for me to be in my cave 
or perhaps
 my bit of home and garden

for me 
my home and garden are and always will be
 another place to create 
one giant art installation really ..

and i have become quite the

mostly because it is spontaneous and requires less words
and i can share images of my world so instantly

what you will see is lots of roses and flowers and gardens
and collections and nature and roadtrips
sometimes some painting and stitching and metal work 

lately has been a time for being silent and thinking
taking stock of life and what it has brought and where it may go from here

and now it is spring
 i am so glad the sun is again lighting my day when i rise just after 5 am 
the garden is bursting with new growth
i have created some order inside of the cupboards here
i have cleared the decks for making
 pretty soon i will be camping by the ocean
and my hair is finally getting some length now 18 months since i shaved my head !!

and also might i again thank Claire Wellesley-Smith for including me in her book 

my copy has not arrived here as yet so i look forward to peeking between the covers

please find here
a lovely film of Claire
on home territory 

personally i loved to hear her voice 

and here is the Byrds tune 

one more time ...


Thursday, July 23, 2015


i have mentioned it before
is such a physical release 
and a way of letting go 
especially for one as visual as me 

 and it is so recyclable
i cannot count how many times i have painted on this canvas 
it has certainly been here for at least 8 years in many many guises.
painted over and over and over

 yesterday it became this

from this 

this was called 
When The Rain Began
how a medical diagnosis can make you feel

yesterday it WAS raining and really i needed to go for a long walk
i painted

i actually started with the canvas upside down so that the previous rain fell back into the sky 
then stood back to see how it felt

tones of umber

mixed with white

the large strong gestures continued 
and resonate
the power to change a story 

i love white 

and then as i have felt before
the need for joyful colour 
sherbet colour in fact
something i once would not have considered 
but visible everywhere in my surroundings now

lots of paint
unrestrained brushing
wet on wet and over wet

faint evidence of what went before remains

and a new love
dull shiny surfaces 
as i might choose for metal 

and this 
well it makes me smile

dodgy photo or not ...


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ridgeline ..a follow up


 1 day after publishing this 
 i had opportunity to keep the team of 12 together
for another showing 
and so i shall
thank you to those who contacted me about purchase

i have decided to ask if anyone from the big round ball we share
 would like to purchase a piece from the ridgeline series

from here 

there are 12 individual almost square pieces in this series
approx 30 mm x 30 mm and some slightly larger
some odd shapes
some heavier than others
all sterling silver and copper 

i had intended to make them into brooches after showing them
 when their ability to lie flat was not so important
but am now thinking that they may become hangers
along the line of my 'handbag 'shape 

these little pieces could also go into a small frame 
sealed and away from the air the metal will not tarnish

really their next step is whatever is dreamed up ...

i will not DO anything to them until there is a request 

so here they are numbered
if there is interest please email me with the relevant number 
rozhawker 09 at gmail . com 

cost is $90 each including postage and packaging and any simple finishing etc 
[ making into a brooch we would discuss further ]










and this one that had tried to get away 
it had not been photographed !!

thank you 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

over and over

 over and over
one thing becoming another

 wool cloth dyed 
silk and wool thread dyed with indigo 
stitched bottom to top with tiny lines

over stitched with silk thread dyed with indigo

variation in the tone of one

tiny tiny stitches
becoming small
some unseen
some untraceable

but densely packed
over and over
and over and over

listening to the need

ps. this post comes after reflection on the question  posed on Spirit Cloth


Monday, June 29, 2015

Ten Keys


for some weeks now i have been spending some time in my bunker

according to research published by the Harvard Business School found HERE 

 “We do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” …  John Dewey 

reflecting may not keep me in the now it seems ... but i may just learn something to go forward with. 

lake yellowstone , yellowstone national park 

on what i do , how i do it , what it contributes , what it takes.

cordyline string , silk and linen stitched bowl

on what things are to be taken notice of , and what to discard

it usually says No Hawkers 

on exactly what am i growing here , what am i supporting, in my mind and body and world 

stitching seeds from a while back 

on my birthday just recently 
[ and quite serendipitously i might add did he know it was my birthday ? ]
some Deepak Chopra words landed in my inbox as an unexpected gift.
and all packaged in quite a neat little list.

and i do like concise

i share them here in case they are useful ......

Ten Keys To Happiness 

1. Listen to your body’s wisdom, which expresses itself through signals of comfort and discomfort. When choosing certain behaviour, ask your body, “How do you feel about this?” If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional distress, watch out. If your body sends a signal of comfort and eagerness, proceed.

2. Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have. Keep your attention on what is here and now; look for the fullness in every moment. Accept what comes to you totally and completely so that you can appreciate it, learn from it, and then let it go.
The present is as it should be. It reflects infinite laws of Nature that have brought you this exact thought, this exact physical response. This moment is as it is because the universe is as it is. Don’t struggle against the infinite scheme of things; instead, be at one with it.
3. Take time to be silent, to meditate, to quiet the internal dialogue. In moments of silence, realize that you are recontacting your source of pure awareness. Pay attention to your inner life so that you can be guided by intuition rather than externally imposed interpretations of what is or isn’t good for you.
4. Relinquish your need for external approval. You alone are the judge of your worth, and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks. There is great freedom in this realization. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself. Putting up resistance is the response of defences created by old hurts.

5. When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, realize that you are only struggling with yourself. Putting up resistance is the response of defences created by old hurts. When you relinquish this anger, you will be healing yourself and cooperating with the flow of the universe.
6. Know that the world “out there” reflects your reality “in here.” The people you react to most strongly, whether with love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you most hate is what you most deny in yourself.
What you most love is what you most wish for in yourself. Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution. The goal is total self-knowledge. When you achieve that, what you most want will automatically be there, and what you most dislike will disappear.
7. Shed the burden of judgment – you will feel much lighter. Judgment imposes right and wrong on situations that just are. Everything can be understood and forgiven, but when you judge, you cut off understanding and shut down the process of learning to love. In judging others, you reflect your lack of self-acceptance. Remember that every person you forgive adds to your self-love.

8. Don’t contaminate your body with toxins, either through food, drink, or toxic emotions. Your body is more than a life-support system. It is the vehicle that will carry you on the journey of your evolution. The health of every cell directly contributes to your state of well being, because every cell is a point of awareness within the field of awareness that is you.

9. Replace fear-motivated behaviour with love-motivated behaviour. Fear is the product of memory, which dwells in the past. Remembering what hurt us before, we direct our energies toward making certain that an old hurt will not repeat itself. But trying to impose the past on the present will never wipe out the threat of being hurt.
That happens only when you find the security of your own being, which is love. Motivated by the truth inside you, you can face any threat because your inner strength is invulnerable to fear.
10. Understand that the physical world is just a mirror of a deeper intelligence. Intelligence is the invisible organizer of all matter and energy, and since a portion of this intelligence resides in you, you share in the organizing power of the cosmos.

Because you are inseparably linked to everything, you cannot afford to foul the planet’s air and water. But at a deeper level, you cannot afford to live with a toxic mind, because every thought makes an impression on the whole field of intelligence. Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the Earth.

the view from here at sunset