Wednesday, December 3, 2014


i received a call last week from the curator of the Barossa Regional Gallery
seems my series 'ridgeline' won an award at the Latitude exhibition

you can find images and the story about this work is in my previous post

awards are funny things

after i spoke on the phone i immediately remembered receiving , on a number of occasions
awards that came at the end of a year of sunday school
everyone got one i suppose?
the one pictured above was for 'good attendance '
that is
for showing up , pretty much every week
and funnily enough this particular one is from my time in Cloncurry, which is where the inspiration for ridgeline came ....

the book was a nice reward
as the showing up was the hard bit i am sure

[ having to dress in the good sunday school frock with hat in those days ..hard to imagine now ....
 tho at age 11 or whatever , that was pretty much determined by my mother ... as it was back in the day in my household !!!  ]

and it is rather how i felt about the exhibition
having my work be selected , get a place in the group , show up , for other eyes
was the hard bit

and in fact , really that was the reward

jenny sages had some interesting things to say about this
the need for an audience
for work to have a voice and a place to be seen
to 'close the circle '

i would like to thank Barossa Gallery for this award
and to my buddy India for advertising the opportunity of this exhibition to those people from further afield
also all those folk who commented on my ridgeline post ..your perspectives and comments on my work is  always valued

and thanks to, to my mother and her ordered , constantly moving towns and downsized  life
and to my currently fairly calm life
that allowed me to walk straight to a bookcase and find that book
from 1969

and it is exactly as i remembered it ....

the guitar ...guy clark

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Latitude Exhibition
Barossa Regional Gallery

South Australia

26 November 2014 to 19 January 2015

Like most Australians I live on the coastal plains of our continent.
 Rainfall and fertile soil create dense populations of both people and vegetation. 

But my childhood was spent in other regions.
 Places where the flat endless horizon seemed to mark the edge of the earth, and red, yellow and purple rocky hills and mountains showed their aged and rugged faces to the warm sun, their ridgelines dotted randomly by singular tree forms.
 Sparse and mohawk like, these tree elders of the interior stand as strong and silent sentinels keeping watch over the ancient lands below

. They map the boundaries of the arid lands, the dry lands, the less hospitable lands and the stories of travels etched deeply into my childhood heart.

16 pieces in total  
approx 3.5 cm X 3.5 cm each
fabricated and etched 
sterling silver and copper

i lived in Cloncurry for a short time
in the copper fields
and often travelled the road from there to Mt Isa
in the back seat of the Holden

these pieces are most reminiscent of those days

Saturday, September 27, 2014


its been a joan baez weekend
my friend from the north
sent me 3 cds of hers
and they have been on high rotation here at home

when i was younger i found joan a little too serious
her voice a little too
something ....

i think she sings for me

the title track of one of those albums
about bob dylan
is a glorious thing to watch on u tube

they were both so young then
kids really


those words ....

then this

a song
here performed by the writer
is on one of these albums

kath and i used to sing this when we were in our 20's
was a good tune
i did harmony line

more than 30 years later it has much deeper resonance

do you know Tumbleweed ?
Jessie ?
Stranger in my Place ?

so many tunes

joan has been described as a great interpreter of tunes

she and eva cassidy


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

into the desert



the desert
pries you open with a rusty can opener
peel you back
split flat 
under the baking sun
the whistling wind as soundtrack
the red earth ...
at once
be filled  
with the enormous expanse
that is not empty

not ever empty 

soundtrack for a roadtrip 


Monday, September 15, 2014

arid lands botanic gardens sculpture festival


roz hawker 2014 

The festival's title ‘Life on the Edge’ invokes an image of a life lived apart, by choice, by birth heritage, through need for wonder and need for wander, as a search for understanding of the new world, or worlds within.
I propose to construct the memory of such a life; a rudimentary camp, long since deserted, a reminder of such a voyage to the ecotone.
Created by hand with tools of our forebears I will use sapling and twine, cloth and stone, paper and text to pay homage to a simple life of long ago, an observatory for experiencing the stars, the long shadows and the journey internal.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

one more page from the book of life

i made this last year
somewhere between driving into the hospital and back every single day
it so summed up how i felt at that time 

every plan
every view of the future
i thought i had 

today i am thinking that another in that series would look quite different
it would be kinder
have more acceptance
focus on other things
and most of 
show what i now know
 to be 

life is not any more certain than then
whose is ?
really ?

thatz my feet in socks my mother knitted, while trying to capture images of cloth from above, added here for light relief
oooo and my aunts dresser and stitched cloth

creating the website has also brought clarity
and i thank all those who commented

each comment brought reflection and an adjustment

creating a website has been a little like
looking in the mirror and checking that my insides are showing correctly on my outsides

it has also allowed me to think about what i have made and do make

it allowed me to recognise what the things i make mean to me
and to write this on the cloths page of my website

Of all the work i have made , the stitching i have always held on to. I still own every piece I have worked on. 

I suppose I have held it so closely for so many many hours, more hours than I could count. 
And it has watched the many many thoughts run across my mind.
Many reflections. Many wonderings.
Many wanderings.
 It has been my witness.


i am working on some new things for a combined exhibition next year
a metal piece 
a cloth

 the cloth piece is actually featured on the home page of my website

there are hours and hours more time to spend with this
and i know the outcome is something i will treasure
it will be so close to my thoughts and my prayers

it too will be my witness