Wednesday, March 25, 2015

bower birds

last weekend 
the third and final group of bower birds gathered in the south

as helen said on the final evening after the class
just the three groups of ladies gathered for this event , only three ..... how special are we !

special indeed !
each group was so ...

on the Mountain in Queensland 

where Tarla grew an amazing crop of indigo in our steamy sub tropical climate

and where she is about to share all her knowledge of growing and dyeing with indigo on an open day at her organic property in May ... 

more can be found HERE  and @TamborineIndigo on instagram

in the valley in New Zealand

gathering in the beautiful earth home of Judy Keylock , a home complete with growing roof and the loudest cycadas i have ever heard !

and on the south coast of Victoria with the Antartic as our nearest neighbour 

inside this walled garden where a village of timber structures and flourishing garden beds embraces your senses at The Botanical Studio in Allensford , Victoria.

we all came together for community, learning, laughter and stitching together of cloth and metal and ourselves

i would like to sincerely thank our 3 most generous hosts for welcoming us into their gardens and homes 
and also India Flint for going on the road with me ...

it is true not everything went quite to plan
but the adventure rolled on with forgiving and caring and sharing women to laugh and to learn with , it was a joyful time

at each class i gave an amulet 
my own gift or wish for each in the group
the image below shows the amulets for Allensford 

... a symbol representing the gift of letting a seed or an idea grow , live a life and then set seed for another crop 

i know at Allensford yesterday , indigo and special sunflower seed harvesting was in full swing , the indigo vats were rebooted for more dipping, and the seeds of the class allowed to continue on ....

couldn't be a more perfect end really 


Monday, March 16, 2015

not to know but to go on

i am not sure how  many others may follow the cosmic world but if you do you would know that this last few months has been a period of major forces and powerful change.
its all to do with Uranus and Pluto being square.
something very rare and momentous in the astrological world and today , the 16th is the final time this happens for many years.
it is the time for any last major changes , rebirthing , reinventing ... [ well maybe at least till the next full moon or planetary alignment or solar eclipse ] get the drift.

when i was much younger i thought that by this age it was all about sorted, happily ever after land.
who knew these planets could put paid to that!

recent months have been a time of upheaval and change.
they have been a time of reinvention, reviewing and recalculating.
thank goodness this squaring off is soon to be over.

and i often wonder how these astrologers manage to read all this from the stars and on many occasions get it so right?
how can all the cancerians [ scorpios, ,leos ....etc etc ] of the world be experiencing what i am experiencing?
but i have looked about and cancerians i know nod their own heads in agreement.
yes it is going on for them too.
are we really all the same ? going through the same things? gasp !

interpretation is a powerful thing huh.
bringing our story
to the same words
to see it from our own unique perspective ...
and tick.
all about me.

my perspective
my own lens

yep it is my version of the planets squaring off is happening

it is unique.
only mine.
mine only.

and i like unique.
always have.
and honouring my uniqueness is part of the current planetary show

if you would like to catch up with your very own cosmic view , have a google of  Cosmic Path .
nothing too scary there , usually positive words and another perspective on life ...

Friday, January 30, 2015

i'm on my way

picture this ...

last morning of class
the last of the small metals groups 
gathered in the wonderful workshop space provided by our hosts in Lud Valley
[ an actual building purpose built for building stuff !!!! ]

and someone is tapping with a rivetting hammer 
and i hear the rhythm to this tune in my mind

i 'm on my way from dadad dadada  todaaaay
uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuh uhuuuuuuuh

i say ..what is that?
scottish ?
you know ?
Sarah says ...yes from the 90's ?
the Proclaimers ! i say 
yes ! says sarah . aren't they brothers or twins ?
out comes the iphone 
yep twins !

bit of joint singing ensues ...
[ i love it when music closes the gap between age and size and viewpoints and what you like for breakfast ]

there are lots of dadadadada 
what are all those words ?

arriving home some days later and this song is still there

and i go in search
and find this cool original video
 those gorgeous accents
and those elusive lyrics
those lyrics

great bouncy upbeat tune
and i am on my way 
and half way through

2 more wonderful classes ahead to share with India Flint 
Bower Bird Blues take 3
and Retreat to Tin Can Bay

both full 
locked in 
almost loaded

now i do not think that is a song 
or is it ?

Monday, January 19, 2015

blue too

what was once a jar of indigo paste 

metallic smear

fawn and blue stripes

indigo of its own accord

a tub within a tub

op shop gold now indigo blue

rolled and ready for take off
BBB take 2 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

a blues beginning

in preceding weeks
whilst i recycled old paper shopping bags 
and prepared my photos for covers
became very familiar with the lovely girl at the photo print shop
arranged and rearranged and stitched
to create our Blue Notes book

i hoped that soon i would see some smiles
maybe some happiness
even some tender turning of the pages of this tiny book
after India and I had gifted each class member
 the fruits of our preparing labour

with much joy i can say
yes i did

and from those starting moments till the end of our 3 days
there was always smiles and tenderness and gift giving
 and even the odd bit of  very loud, releasing built up energy hammering in the metal space
 which too provided reason for smiles 

what joy
what blessed joy

thank you  #blueswomen who joined us
thank you our tireless host , provider of fresh indigo 
and nourishing homegrown and homemade soulfood  #tarlaelward
thank you to the powers that be for perfect weather

and now
 India and I are plotting and thinking
the next class is in less than 2 weeks over the Tasman
there is 
would you believe
one beautiful # blueswoman from the Mount Tamborine class just done
joining us again in the very next class in New Zealand

so modifications are in full swing
another version
another gathering

and note to self
remember this time to take out the tiny picture capturer 
so i too can record

the singing of the blues


following images regrammed on @rozhawker 
after the indigo bath

blue flower on the homegrown indigo dye vat

and as a tiny editors note
we will be sharing THE WORK of the #blueswomen
via the Bower Bird Blues blog

the first such post has just beamed in 
or by clicking the Bower Bird Blues badge on the side bar
for the latest installment 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

and off we go

when Bower Bird Blues
 was first spoken of early last year 
around a large table on a lovely veranda overlooking the extensive garden
on Mount Tamborine
it seemed as tho this event was as far away as that tiny wisp of a moon in the pic above 

through all that time till now

everywhere i looked it seemed there was blue 

even entire stores painted blue !
a good sign i think ..
blue seems to be taking over the world !

after all this time
the gathering of goodies has been done
the indigo plants are up and thriving
and the full moon arrives next monday night

yep it is time
we are ready 
India and I 

off we go ...

see all of those joining us in 
 Mount Tamborine,Queensland
or near Nelson, on the south island of New Zealand 
or at the new Beautiful Silks Botanical Studio
 in Allensford on the Great Ocean Road
very soon 

it will be completely fab

how so very grateful I am to these hosts for not only providing a venue
but also growing a crop of indigo
ready for our class 

that really is something


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


i received a call last week from the curator of the Barossa Regional Gallery
seems my series 'ridgeline' won an award at the Latitude exhibition

you can find images and the story about this work is in my previous post

awards are funny things

after i spoke on the phone i immediately remembered receiving , on a number of occasions
awards that came at the end of a year of sunday school
everyone got one i suppose?
the one pictured above was for 'good attendance '
that is
for showing up , pretty much every week
and funnily enough this particular one is from my time in Cloncurry, which is where the inspiration for ridgeline came ....

the book was a nice reward
as the showing up was the hard bit i am sure

[ having to dress in the good sunday school frock with hat in those days ..hard to imagine now ....
 tho at age 11 or whatever , that was pretty much determined by my mother ... as it was back in the day in my household !!!  ]

and it is rather how i felt about the exhibition
having my work be selected , get a place in the group , show up , for other eyes
was the hard bit

and in fact , really that was the reward

jenny sages had some interesting things to say about this
the need for an audience
for work to have a voice and a place to be seen
to 'close the circle '

i would like to thank Barossa Gallery for this award
and to my buddy India for advertising the opportunity of this exhibition to those people from further afield
also all those folk who commented on my ridgeline post ..your perspectives and comments on my work is  always valued

and thanks to, to my mother and her ordered , constantly moving towns and downsized  life
and to my currently fairly calm life
that allowed me to walk straight to a bookcase and find that book
from 1969

and it is exactly as i remembered it ....

the guitar ...guy clark